Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Samhain

This is the most encouraging, promising Halloween time for me in many years. Started off with a bang Friday night with the show at Zen Sushi. Despite technical problems, we delivered a strong set with our new guitarist. Better preparation, physically and emotionally, showed in my voice which was relaxed and confident. The street team efforts didn't really amount to much unfortunately...anyway we are headed into the studio to develop several new songs and will be taking a break from performing.

More good media news, we're cleared for radio play and soon video through the ImaginAsianTV national media network.

Dominant emotional atmosphere these days is resurgence - the feeling of growing strength and conviction, that I am in the place I need to be and heading for an audacious future. Months of hard work have paid off with a solid live act, now it's back to work to build a longer set, and record the full album.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Refuge, vindication...and old friends?!

I'm still in the afterglow of a refreshing though brief trip up north away from the urban madness that is LA. A place where you can still stars above, smell clean air and wonder what the world was like before our species set forth. Many butterflies, hummingbirds, hawks, gophers, sandpipers and eucalyptus in the vicinity which will always hold a special place in my memory.

All of this recent scandal and low poll numbers for Bush have me feeling vindicated, and while it's too easy to say "I told you so" well I knew and wanted this a long time ago. The unrestricted warmongering and domestic assaults on liberty, social justice and the environment of this theocratic crypto-fascist administration will only stop when more of us are fed up, won't take it any more and DO somethin about it.

I'm back in pre-show preparation mode, hoping some old friends from abroad are able to make it out to Zen Sushi next Friday and catch up our new lineup before we head back into the recording studio.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Rejuvenation and Rollin with the punches

After three shows last week, either performing, rehearsing or practicing every other day for two weeks it's time for rest and relaxation. Will be escaping this weekend to points north of LA for a retreat from the city hustle. Lots of recent changes in the band lineup but I believe it's for the best long-term. Excited about our new lockout rehearsal space near USC, a major step forward to getting this band ready for the road and tight as a clenched fist.

Lookin forward to attending a book signing by Daylle Schwartz for her excellent new book I Don't Need A Record Deal! After reading only 2 chapters I'm nearly convinced and remind myself everyday that it is possible to Do It Yourself.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Triple Tipping Point

Still flush from the excitement of tonight's show at the Century Club. Lots of technical problems with the sound system, a little surprised at the inexperienced personnel. We sounded pretty good, rough patches here and there, the new song "Reunify" definitely rocked. Spent lots of time interviewing with the Korean 24-hour news network YTN which made the hassle worth the while. They will be broadcasting and printing a piece next week. One of those experiences that reminded me how important this project is - the advocacy of peace, reunification and human rights on the Korean peninsula - and that the average expectations as far as blue-collar rock-n-roll may not fully apply here.

On the triple tipping point - last show with the current guitarist Ian, the search begins anew...several prospects but not willing to settle for just another hired gun if I can avoid it. #2 - arrangement with the incumbent PR firm is winding down, the grassroots DIY style is more consistent with this band's theme and image plus more affordable. And am also walking away from a relationship situation which snowballed unexpectedly though was probably accelerated under the extraordinary pressures of my current lifestyle. October Surprises.