Thursday, April 20, 2006


Great weather...felt good to finally take this show on the road...played to a good-sized crowd at American River College in Sacramento. Lots of recent stress and rusty from not having performed in a couple months resulted in a few mistakes and first set nerves. But was feeling relaxed by the 2nd set, voice surprisingly strong and set up good connections for possible return shows in the fall.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Stretching the Limits

My apartment's a mess as I plot my Escape from Hollywood. Then it will be into the depths of Koreatown. Seems like the right cover for the lead singer of DMZ//38, and owner of Taegukki Records. Am having more fun than anticipated getting the foundation of the label set up, and imagining a future where I might be in a position to assist other up and coming artists. We Korean Americans are caught between a thriving Korean pop music industry and a deluge of contemporary US major label "entertainment" neither of which speaks directly to our experiences or questions the status quo substantially. I continue to draw inspiration from hip-hop labels from Def Jam to Guerrilla Funk and All Good Music that have demonstrated that independent success is possible. But first things first, still lots of work getting the album completed and the groundwork laid for a strong debut.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Like A Beehive

Saw a beehive on the side of the building next to my current appropriate metaphor for this time of the year. So much activity everywhere, so hard to maintain calm in the chaos. A dream last night of living through a major earthquake...emotional projection, anticipation, simply an expression of curiosity? New individuals appearing on the scene as I prepare to move next week, then tour up north with final studio time scheduled on Sa-I-Gu (April 29).

By the way, please consider pre-ordering the new album in advance, I'm very excited about the new material, and the accompanying artwork promises to be something special.