Tuesday, March 21, 2006

V for Vendetta

Just saw V for Vendetta, the new film from the Wachowski brothers of Matrix fame. Left the theater with mixed emotions, there are parts of the film that are quite moving and spectacular, but also the film seemed to fall short of the original artistic ambitions. I read the original comic book by Alan Moore a good 15 years ago, sadly the storyline about a totalitarian state seems even more timely today. My suspicions were aroused by the selection of the Stones' "Street Fighting Man" as the film closer...what's up with that?? How many millions of dollars did that licensing deal involve I wonder. Seriously though, it's obvious the Revolution will not be televised and probably not even webcast, too bad the movie wasn't released November 5 (Guy Fawkes Day) as originally planned now THAT would have been exciting.

Wheels keep moving on getting the album completed, as well as new show dates popping up be sure to check the DMZ//38 calendar for the latest updates.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

3 Years Already

Enjoyed a sunny LA day yesterday with thousands of others committed to ending the occupation of Iraq. Especially had fun marching with the folks from Korean Americans for Peace, who had some exciting street action and good chants. Check out the pre-march training -

I wish there had been a bigger turnout though, given how unpopular the war has become I thought there would be more people representin'...lotsa peeps talk a good talk but I wanna see more faces next time, this will not go away on its own. Here's one more nice pic -

Other than that have been doing lotsa apartment hunting and may have found a new home, it's very musician-friendly and has a cool vibe. So much change swirling in the air of course it's the season.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Know I'm Not Alone

Still giddy after watching the screening of Michael Franti's documentary I Know I'm Not Alone at the Hammer Museum in Westwood. What a film...depicting Michael's trip to Baghdad, Palestine and Israel in early 2004 meeting with everyday people, soldiers, children, elderly. Bringing a human face to the ongoing war, he then brought the overflow crowd together with a rousing acoustic set. On a night like this I am so proud to be not only a musician, but also a conscious freedom-fighter. Thank you Michael, for continuing to be a true inspiration...may our paths cross again someday - Stay Human!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Marching On

It's getting harder to find time to write a simple blog these days...Warding off this seasonal cold thing which seems prevalent in LA this time of year. I've decided to call off the full-time job search, it's taken away from my focus on getting this album completed and quite frankly doesn't make sense considering my overall priorities. Lately a couple of small tech consulting projects have come my way, enough to push me into re-starting my IT consulting company. It complements my artist's work schedule much better.

Lots of good progress artistically in the last couple days, the album songs and concept are finally coming together and we should be on track for release by this May. I'm even starting to get requests on pre-orders which is a good sign ;)