Thursday, October 20, 2005

Refuge, vindication...and old friends?!

I'm still in the afterglow of a refreshing though brief trip up north away from the urban madness that is LA. A place where you can still stars above, smell clean air and wonder what the world was like before our species set forth. Many butterflies, hummingbirds, hawks, gophers, sandpipers and eucalyptus in the vicinity which will always hold a special place in my memory.

All of this recent scandal and low poll numbers for Bush have me feeling vindicated, and while it's too easy to say "I told you so" well I knew and wanted this a long time ago. The unrestricted warmongering and domestic assaults on liberty, social justice and the environment of this theocratic crypto-fascist administration will only stop when more of us are fed up, won't take it any more and DO somethin about it.

I'm back in pre-show preparation mode, hoping some old friends from abroad are able to make it out to Zen Sushi next Friday and catch up our new lineup before we head back into the recording studio.

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