Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Winter Wackiness E-Coast Style

Well it only took about one week away from SoCal to miss the palm trees and sunshine...Though it's not unseasonably cold, I am not enjoying the chilly temperatures here in War-shington DC. On top of that is the stress of avoiding the emotional minefields associated with family get-togethers and the inevitable bickering associated. This is probably my last trip back here (non-music related) for some time. WHY is it that sometimes the further an individual is situated from the inner workings of the music industry, the more they feel entitled to make sweeping judgments calls and critiques?? Suppose sharing a surname might explain alot, still I'm not in the mood for toleratin haterz right now, was looking forward to some R&R before charging into the New Year but looks like that will have to wait. Did I forget to mention that the muffler on my Mom's car fell off today while driving my sis to the airport? Add to that randomly running into a long-lost friend at the auto mechanic's garage.

The best way to settle down after a day like this is enjoying a bowl of home-cooked Korean kimchi chigae which is incidentally great for warding off a cold. A random web search just revealed that DMZ//38 was chosen as a Top 12 Indie Pick on Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine. You can vote for us here ...Keep on rockin in the real world

Monday, December 19, 2005

The World Is Not for Sale

Much love and solidarity to comrades in Hong Kong who are protesting against the greed of the WTO, especially the Korean activists struggling against unfair policies impacting farmers and the poor. Once again it's on...And congratulations are in order to newly-elected President Evo Morales or Bolivia, the first indigenous president in the Western Hemisphere. Seems like we here in the old U.S. of A may be behind the times, how long before a woman, African American, Asian American or Latino occupies the Oval Office?? Speaking of which, isn't it about time to INDICT THE PRESIDENT? If an individual has knowingly broken the law, especially one who should be the exemplar of civil propriety, then let than individual be prosecuted according to the letter of the law. NO ONE is above the law, right?? Everybody is reporting that Prez personally ordered ILLEGAL surveillance on US AMERICANZ...why y'all sitting obediently at the office, school, wherever? Let's rock this boat, turn this mutha out and seize the time!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Power, Corruption and Lies

So now it's coming out into the mainstream media that the NSA is engaging in wholesale domestic spying...actually this has been known by the activist community for years, lately we've also discovered that the Pentagon has been monitoring peaceful antiwar groups. When does this all end?? You would think that these agencies would have better things to do with taxpayer money like combating "real" terrorism. Then again the Feds have shown they can't even handle basic functions like disaster relief and prevention. All that money spent after 9-11...lining the pockets of the military-industrial-police state complex. At least there is a real fight going on right now over this horrible piece of legislation known as the "Patriot Act." I've endured a lot of repression in these past five years, more enough to justify expatriation to a saner culture like Canada or those fry-eating fools in France...but like homegirl Margaret Cho says "I have chosen to stay and fight."

Thursday, December 15, 2005


I am having fun with this software application called Masterwriter that helps songwriters compose and organize material. I've been holding off on setting up my demo for awhile, but already I'm quite impressed with ease of use and a wealth of features. Just recently I realized that I had loads of incomplete lyrics and themes scattered in various notebooks, easily enough for a full album or more...of course I have to finish recording this first one haha.

Enjoying some down time before a trip back home next week, and still researching before making a final decision on selecting a recording studio. Am also reading Angela Davis' excellent Are Prisons Obsolete? Seems like a timely pamphlet given the recent execution of Tookie Williams, which still rests heavily here in well as the last couple shows connected to the theme of political prisoners. The criss-crossing lines between this Iraq madness and the injust conditions revealed in the Katrina disaster are clear not only to activists but "average" working people as well...there is an old revolving door between the jails/prisons, gangs and armed forces replete with racism, brutality, hatred, exploitation and violence which must be addressed by the growing Antiwar Movement. Especially young men of color have so few positive role models mystery why the FBI wanted the Black Panthers smashed, and leaders from Malcolm to Martin, Huey to Pac have been assassinated. "They killed all my heroes, locked the rest up but I rose from the dead to tear this shit up!"

Monday, December 12, 2005

Winter In Amerika

As the clock ticks toward midnight we here in LA are bracing not only for yet one more death, but what could follow. It seems that this society and certainly Gov. Terminator have no faith in the power of redemption...With all the killing already going on in the world today this is hardly necessary. I don't believe that Tookie is "innocent" however I believe that he is potentially more valuable to civil society alive than six feet under. We need strong voices like his to help sway our youth away from "thug life." But then, without more gangstas running loose...where would the justification for more prisons, guards, cops (pro-Republican no doubt) come from?! So perhaps there is a twisted logic behind this mess after all.

My community was right in the cross-hairs last time but this is not 1992...if white Amerikans have still not come to terms with the racist underpinnings of this nation after Hurricane Katrina maybe it's time to give 'em back their white sheets and masks. I won't be the only one sayin "I told you so" and we as a community will NEVA AGAIN be a sacrificial lamb...Screw the mainstream media, neo-con whites and police...To the brothas feeling that Tookie's execution is the last straw, consider that the man himself has stated for the record that he wants to be remembered for his PEACE-MAKING WORK, not fomenting more violence. We need y'all to be working, FREE, representin, takin care of yr families, making music, not rotting in jail under watch of the downpressor man or lying dead. Let's just make it thru the next 24 hours y'all.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Death or Glory

A very encouraging note to end this year...Here I am holding the "Outstanding Political Band of the Year" plaque at the Rock City News Awards from last Thursday, presented to DMZ//38. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, this is just the beginning!

The same night, I also ventured over to John Lennon's Hollywood star in front of the Capitol Records building on Vine near Hollywood...there was a small gathering to honor this tremendously inspirational artist who was taken from us 25 years ago. We miss you, man - IMAGINE

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sleepless In Silverlake

This cold weather has me stuck indoors and fighting a weird cold/anxiety spell. I am feeling unusually keyed into my surroundings to the point where it's getting uncomfortable. In the past a term like "Seeing the Matrix" would have seemed appropriate but now that sounds quaint. What about being a fully-conscious member of the "reality-based community?" With all the recent setbacks for the neo-cons you would think that we progressive-minded types would be more cheerful but unfortunately the struggle continues as we seek to re-define a vision of a more equitable, just and healthy society. I believe that many of the generalized, entrenched conditions widespread today in the U.S. - from a mental health epidemic, affordable housing crisis, dysfunctional health care system, violence in the cities and rural areas - have their roots in the 1980s rollback under Reagan. It's almost as if America itself has experienced a long-term Structural Adjustment Program which is typically enforced by the IMF/WTO on developing nations to dismantle civic society protections to bring in foreign investment (let's call it what it is - corporatized rape or good old fashioned imperialism)...Who profits? The usual suspects - wealthy, elites, corporations, reactionaries...Who suffers? Those most at risk - mentally ill, elderly, poor, ethnic minorities, well as an ever-shrinking middle class "public" expected to pay for it all. In the meantime continue to distract the masses while they are being pickpocketed with ravenous headlines about a Never-Ending War On Various Foriegn Undesirables and you have the makings of a techno-cratic, religious fundamentalist authoritarian state. PEOPLE- WE ARE BEING LIED TO!! Excuse the rant, but WHAT is it going to take to turn the tide? How much bare-faced corruption are we expected to tolerate passively? How many body bags? How much pollution? Is this the future we want to bequeath to future generations?

Here's a picture from last Saturday's event down in the hood, I don't know where the rest of y'all were hiding but I'm gonna be harrasin suckas in the New Year to make it out to one of our shows before we bolt L.A.-

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Indecision Time

One of the big drawbacks to maintaining artistic independence is the constant threat of being spread too thin and pulled in many directions at once...every so often I remind myself of the importance of a centripetal outlook, and at least attempting to keep activities organized, planned and reviewed methodically. So much easier said than done, practices I honed over 10+ years of business experience in stressful corporate IT environments doesn't necessarily translate consistently into successfully developing the career of an upstart political rock band. And having several interviews but nothing final yet in the way of a day job is keeping things in limbo going into next year. I have great hopes for the full-length debut album (tentatively titled "No Man's Land") and the material is nearly completed, but nagging questions relating to personnel and budget may delay the schedule further...

In other news, the clock is winding down for Tookie Williams and while there's still a chance that the Governator may grant clemency it's looking uncertain at best. Keep the pressure on, your fingers crossed and pray.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

No Man's Land

Feeling mildly disoriented and bloated just days after the widely-observed feasting occasion. Had a case of cold guitar fingers at a cozy event last night highlighting US political prisoners in Little Tokyo, just a lead-up to the gathering this Saturday at Southern California Library where the full band will be performing. Aside from the better-known cases such as Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier, I learned about Puerto Rican independista Oscar Lopez Rivera, Marilyn Buck and Japanese national Yu Kikumura...The targeted repression illustrated by these cases is chilling and eye-opening for anyone harboring illusions that such injustice does not exist here in the U.S.

Just found out that the guys at Axis of Justice host a regular show on an interview imminent in the future perhaps?? About to send out another major press mailing, keeping fingers crossed while I somewhat half-heartedly mull the ongoing day job search.

Monday, November 21, 2005

New Day Rising

Everywhere I turn, it's a ball of confusion...that's all the world is today. We become a monster so the monster will not overtake us. The best of times, the worst of times, hope you have the time of your life.

Apparently one of the signs of impending madness is heightened narcissism and increased self-absorption. Not a very comforting thought. Yet lately I've been discovering new sources of strength and inspiration. Daily meditation is helping with maintaining some mental clarity, as well as balancing vision and practical focus. Looking for a "day" techie job lately is reminding me of so many reasons I left that scene in the first place...bureaucracy, conformity, boredom, stifling of free expression. I think it's the same kind of environment that breeds the attitudes behind road rage, domestic violence, mindless consumerism, might=right.

How many people know about the pending execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams? This man, who helped found the notorious Crips gang in the early 70's, is facing imminent death at the hands of the State of California even though his life story (featured in the film "Redemption" starring Jamie Foxx) vividly illustrates the ability of individuals to consciously change patterned behavior. Though approached by several major publishers to write exploitative stories glorifying gang violence, he instead authored a series of childrens' books warning of the perils of the "thug" lifestyle so to speak, saving countless lives in the process, and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. This Thanksgiving, sign the petition and pray that Gov. Schwarzenegger does the right thing and grants Stanley Williams clemency.

On a lighter note, the weather right now in Los Angeles reminds me of why I dragged my butt here in the first place...just phenomenal! I've been too busy to even notice that the latest Harry Potter movie (my favorite story in the series) just came out. Do You Believe in Magic??

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Lately I feel over-committed to my musical project, and embarassingly in need of encouragement and support from many directions, familiar and strange. Months of time and effort invested somehow don't add up to the paltry material returns so far, and while that was hardly the initial motivation, we musicians have to pay rent and bills too. It would certainly be a boring and quiet world without us. My energy level is flagging but should return shortly...planning an updated press release, finishing new songs with an unstable band lineup, and finally preparing to return to the recording studio have got this Korean American gypsy bard momentarily exhausted.

Once more, with feeling
It's more than a feeling
Are we fillin it yet
Head full of steam
I could be forever
To act without decision or care
Is time on my side?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Drawn Back Into the Whirlwind

This sudden wave of balmy SoCal weather has my senses thinking it's back to summer, but confused about the time change. Everywhere I look there's chaos, in the midst of change I am getting back into regular meditation for mental clarity and solid judgment.

Many of us, especially blogging instapundits, try to forecast trends and see the future for so many reasons. This recent article from the LA Times has me wondering anew about the prospects for political change in North Korea, especially what shape they will take and in what timeframe. It goes without saying that I've become much more self-conscious and thoughtful with my statements on this particula subject with the increasing visibility of my musical project...DMZ//38 is even being nominated for "Best Political Awareness" award by Rock City News, not bad for a band not even a full year old. Am also coming to the realization that broadening my involvement with entertainment, specifically into film or TV, may be another key to moving forward and developing a self-supporting artistic career.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Samhain

This is the most encouraging, promising Halloween time for me in many years. Started off with a bang Friday night with the show at Zen Sushi. Despite technical problems, we delivered a strong set with our new guitarist. Better preparation, physically and emotionally, showed in my voice which was relaxed and confident. The street team efforts didn't really amount to much unfortunately...anyway we are headed into the studio to develop several new songs and will be taking a break from performing.

More good media news, we're cleared for radio play and soon video through the ImaginAsianTV national media network.

Dominant emotional atmosphere these days is resurgence - the feeling of growing strength and conviction, that I am in the place I need to be and heading for an audacious future. Months of hard work have paid off with a solid live act, now it's back to work to build a longer set, and record the full album.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Refuge, vindication...and old friends?!

I'm still in the afterglow of a refreshing though brief trip up north away from the urban madness that is LA. A place where you can still stars above, smell clean air and wonder what the world was like before our species set forth. Many butterflies, hummingbirds, hawks, gophers, sandpipers and eucalyptus in the vicinity which will always hold a special place in my memory.

All of this recent scandal and low poll numbers for Bush have me feeling vindicated, and while it's too easy to say "I told you so" well I knew and wanted this a long time ago. The unrestricted warmongering and domestic assaults on liberty, social justice and the environment of this theocratic crypto-fascist administration will only stop when more of us are fed up, won't take it any more and DO somethin about it.

I'm back in pre-show preparation mode, hoping some old friends from abroad are able to make it out to Zen Sushi next Friday and catch up our new lineup before we head back into the recording studio.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Rejuvenation and Rollin with the punches

After three shows last week, either performing, rehearsing or practicing every other day for two weeks it's time for rest and relaxation. Will be escaping this weekend to points north of LA for a retreat from the city hustle. Lots of recent changes in the band lineup but I believe it's for the best long-term. Excited about our new lockout rehearsal space near USC, a major step forward to getting this band ready for the road and tight as a clenched fist.

Lookin forward to attending a book signing by Daylle Schwartz for her excellent new book I Don't Need A Record Deal! After reading only 2 chapters I'm nearly convinced and remind myself everyday that it is possible to Do It Yourself.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Triple Tipping Point

Still flush from the excitement of tonight's show at the Century Club. Lots of technical problems with the sound system, a little surprised at the inexperienced personnel. We sounded pretty good, rough patches here and there, the new song "Reunify" definitely rocked. Spent lots of time interviewing with the Korean 24-hour news network YTN which made the hassle worth the while. They will be broadcasting and printing a piece next week. One of those experiences that reminded me how important this project is - the advocacy of peace, reunification and human rights on the Korean peninsula - and that the average expectations as far as blue-collar rock-n-roll may not fully apply here.

On the triple tipping point - last show with the current guitarist Ian, the search begins anew...several prospects but not willing to settle for just another hired gun if I can avoid it. #2 - arrangement with the incumbent PR firm is winding down, the grassroots DIY style is more consistent with this band's theme and image plus more affordable. And am also walking away from a relationship situation which snowballed unexpectedly though was probably accelerated under the extraordinary pressures of my current lifestyle. October Surprises.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Ripple Effect

Just as I am preparing to step away from this full-time, sometimes neurotic and obsessive focus on my primary musical project DMZ//38, there are new rays of hope. Finally got a feature printed in today's Korea Times after several delays. The reality is that I'm slowly going broke and need to get back to some income-generating activity to stay in the music game over the long haul. Nothing dramatic just reality staring me in the face. Something tells me I'll miss this free-wheeling, kickback time but everyone has their limits.

Will have some cool promo cards later this week to advertise upcoming shows, here's a sample:

Oh, and the ripple's too easy to get intimidated by the morass of bands, music, "culture" and media madness we're inundated with daily. The bigger the pond, the more effect required to make even a small splash... The DMZ//38 ball is already motion, however - time to take a breather, make some domestic adjustments and allow those ripples to spread a bit.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

We Fall But We Keep Getting Up

I'm at risk of getting skid marks from all the sitting around lately. It's been a slight shock to realize that I have fallen into some old habits of being either on the phone, computer or reading - even though I "work" at home not in a corporate office. The more things change...And am still in recovery mode from 4+ hours in the chair at the tattoo studio Thursday night. The results are awesome though and I'll post pictures shortly.

Excited and encouraged by the large turnout at today's antiwar protest in Washington DC. I was certainly there in spirit, if I had a dime for every rally I'd attended in Chocolate City I'd be a wealthy man perhaps. This bodes well for the upcoming Occupy the Occupiers concert in LA on Saturday October 8. We should have at least one of the new songs ready by then.

On the homefront, have been digesting the realization that with all the problems in the world, and challenges faced/facing in this life, it's really OK to be a little complacent in this relationship which has developed in the last several months. With my attitude and compulsions, god(s) bless any woman willing to put up with me in close quarters. ;-)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

October Surprises

Still recovering from a mild head cold, following the well-received but poorly-attended show last week at The Gig. This project is still in the early stages and I know it's hard to attract attention in such an entertainment-saturated area like L.A., yet improvements need to be made with street promo efforts...

Several shows for October are lining up, including a high-profile Katrina benefit at Century Club with possible appearances by Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder, an October 8 appearance at the Not In Our Name antiwar concert in downtown LA, finally a gig at Zen Sushi on Friday October 28 with my pals at Licorich Records. I hope to see more friends, old and new, at all these gatherings.

Last night I enjoyed a showing of "Green Chair" at the LAKIFF (LA Korean Int'l Film Festival) presented at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Only 10 minutes away and free street parking around the corner, gotta love this town.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


The change in season has re-invigorated my creative energies. I've made so much progress on new songs in the past week, and am uncovering new layers in the fascinating process of songwriting. Fresh inspiration is coming from Bob Dylan's amazing memoirs (Volume 1) published last year which I found at my favorite new bookstore Skylight Books located in the Los Feliz neighborhood. On Saturday I attended a pretty impressive Asian American rap/political event commemorating 9-11 in K-Town produced by Asiatic Empire - to be honest I should have been performing at the event, but connections were made for next time.

Anticipation building ahead of Tuesday night's show.

Just found out my grandfather in Korea passed away.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Exposure, visibility, whatevah

Gettin a li'l worn out from pasting my picture all over the place, a new photo shoot (full band?) may be in order. Since the next show isn't set yet, probably a benefit in October, I'm shamelessly plugging this next gig at The Gig.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Eye of the Storm

It's difficult to express in words my feelings regarding the tragedy that unfolded this past week in New Orleans. I suspected the damage would be comparable to what happened yet it's still appalling that aid wasn't delivered more rapidly to people when it mattered most. Suffice to say it's triggered more than a few major gut-checks and tears but in fact I feel more driven than ever to make a difference through my music if it's the last thing I do.

Show this past Tuesday at Anarchy Library went smoothly though not particularly well-attended. The group is sounding tighter and I'm looking forward to the next gig at The Gig on Tuesday Sept. 13 for all you LA folks.

Starting to get some press attention as well with this page 4 article in Kyocharo (Korean Consumer Daily) with wide distribution in the SoCal Korean community. Finally, just learned that the CD is now also available through Tower Records online so please go buy a copy if you don't already have one ;-) Happy Labor Day.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


The phrase "sinparam" in Korean translates very roughly into "refreshing wind" in English but does not capture the deeper meaning. Here's a better explanation from author Chung Kyungmo-

"There is a Korean word, sinparam, that expresses the pathos, the inner joy, of a person moved to action not by coercion but by his own volition. Param is the sound of the wind; if a person is wafted along on this wind, songs burst from his lips and his legs dance with joy. A sinparam is a strange wind that billows in the hearts of people who have freed themselves from oppression, regained their freedom, and live in a society of mutual trust. This word, redolent with a shamanistic mystique, has a talisman-like appeal for Koreans."

The fruition of so much hard work and perseverance in the past couple months, and especially these last few weeks, has left me feeling breathless, almost with vertigo, as well as vindicated. There is an encouraging response from the media, folks are starting to take notice, and new opportunities abound. In times like this, I find it so important to stay grounded, humble, organized and diligent so that things don't get too out of control.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Am I Too Eclectic

This homebound, largely solitary lifestyle mixed with the relative novelty of being in the entertainment biz is messing with my psyche. I've read one too many articles this week talking about "proper blogging" style and content, yet I've barely scratched the surface and would rather just have fun venting into cyberspace for the time being. Ditto for self-promotion as an indie artist...hell I never planned on making money from this pursuit, much less be "successful." There's really no point to it if it's not enjoyable and has become a chore. If it were as simple as missing the fundamental binary truths of info-tech work then I'd be more thrilled with working again...yet I'm not.

Seems like I've been here before, one difference is more comfort with the concept of being at peace with past, present and future all at once.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Arrow Flies

Looks like a trip to the Big Apple in late fall is in the works. Promises to be a showcase gig, with "industry" types in attendance. Also working towards a local benefit around October, opening for a very powerful headlining act soon to be disclosed.

Caught a very moving documentary in Little Tokyo titled "Repatriation" marking Liberation Day hosted by Mindullae. I thought the film should have been edited, and noted the pro-DPRK tone of the film, nonetheless it brought to light an important issue relating to North Korean prisoners held for many decades in the South.

On a practical note, the end of summer is imminent with the cooler weather and plans for this author to return to income-generating activity.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

40 Years, Acres and a Mother Grieves

There's a somber mood everywhere today you can feel it, words unspoken. Marking 40 years since Watts, and so many unfulfilled promises, dreams deferred, cries unheard. Hear this -

The trench is dug beneath our hearts
Cause there's a riot goin on
The fire this time
Lost in memory
Strange fruit
For rotting vegetables
Strange days
Will the revolution be televised
And up on the watchtower
Machine gun Man
Welcome to the Terrordome
We're all
For the taste of
Once again
Burn baby burn
I wonder if
Heaven got a ghetto

On another note, was listening to the radio and cried when I heard about Cindy Sheehan camped out in Crawford, Texas waiting to speak to Mr. Bush. For shame. This woman deserves our support and empathy, and my prayers go out to everyone out there representing.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Signs of Hope

Finally reviewing a draft of the press release for my new CD, feeling a little like the calm before the storm. On the other hand, it's been complete for a couple weeks and I'm not exactly getting stopped in the street for autographs haha. Seems safe to assume this blog is falling on deaf ears too right now but trying to get into a good habit with posting regularly. There's mention in the press release of an upcoming "national tour" which is news to me...lots of excitement ahead this fall to be sure.

Spent most of the day learning "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley embarrassed to admit. The chord changes are a little harder than I thought and I still don't have the chorus down but it's getting there. There are so many open mic-type events that it would be good for me to have a larger repertoire of acoustic solo numbers.

This week's non-music reading looks to be a hefty report called "The Gulag in North Korea." As a long-time independent leftie, I feel qualified to state that the US liberal/left is totally snoozing on this one and it's an issue Bush is bound to focus on to distract attention from Iraq...On a side note I was shocked at how fast my printer (Canon C84) was spitting out the report in draft mode, took maybe 1/2 second a page very cool.

Let the the tooth fairies smile upon me this week so this throbbing from my recent root filling finally goes away.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Music marketing 101

Reading lots of materials lately on advertising, promotion, and publicity which are presenting different strategies for raising the visibility of my musical project and various political issues (Korean peace and reunification, inter-ethnic relations, community empowerment). From Malcom Gladwell's Tipping Point to CD Baby CEO Derek Sivers' excellent writings on music PR to this recent article from the LA Times discussing the spate of Hollywood action box-office bombs this summer, it's obvious that changing times and demographics call for increasingly creative, end user-focused approaches to marketing. I could read this stuff all day long but at some point need to take action and see what works best. It goes without saying that controversy sells, sex sells, being REALLY unique sells, but this artist refuses to engage in unprincipled whore-dem simply to sell records. Short-term behavior with long-term implications, too many cautionary examples to cite.

RIP Peter Jennings. I recall seeing him up-close many years at a rally in New York, seemed slightly too cool to be bothered but I guess that was also his screen presence.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Remembrance Day

It was 60 years ago, today...atomic bombs were used on Hiroshima in the interests of military expediency. The world is still dealing with the Pandora's Box since unleashed and the dream of nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation seems more distant than ever.

Working at getting some new gigs after the successful show recently at Backstage Cafe in Beverly Hills. Nobody seems to have all the answers as to how to generate publicity for a politically-focused Korean American rock vocalist with an axe to grind, but somehow somewhere the message has to get out. Was leafing through the latest copies of Revolver and Alternative Press, which both cover the current rock/metal/hardcore scene and got a little intimidated by all the advertising and whiteness...but it would still be pretty cool to do the Vans Warped Tour someday.

Changes in personal life are impending...leaving the security of the corporate world for the drama of rock-n-roll 24/7 necessitates more flexibility.