Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Burning Down Hegemony

I'm feeling a lot of rage right now, directed at my very own backyard of media-saturated idiocy aka City of Angels. This latest outrage on the Adam Carolla show which I found out about through NAPALC (National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium) has me contemplating sinister plots and revenge. For real. Take a listen to this kindergarten clown with his pathetic "ching-chong" routine and let me know if you think this is worth getting upset over. Better yet, write to CBS Radio and give em a piece of yr mind.

So while these ign'ant fools run around poking fun at us assuming we're too meek to protest (unfortunately often the case), we still have these ongoing riots in the LAC jail system, shameless un-constitutional surveillance, and the cartoon controversy in the Muslim world. Lately it seems like hope is a hard place to find...chant down Babylon

Monday, February 06, 2006

So Much Trouble In the World

It's gettin back to that feeling that it may be better to stop reading (and listening) to the news for awhile. Whether it's this nasty situation regarding the cartoons in the Middle East or the just-announced full lockdown in LAC jails due to rioting between Black and Latino inmates, I'm casting about looking for inspiration. So like KanYe says "when I need help, I look in the mirror..."

Super Bowl XL was reasonably entertaining if you were able to get through the endless advertisements, I felt like someone had driven a truck through my cerebellum by game's end. No wait, that's probably because I took my first full (sample) LSAT on Saturday morning and trying to remember if it's A) February 2006 B) Year of the Dog C) Black History Month (damn homie always shortest month of the year) D) time to move outta my apt. E) One week left to St. Valentine's...

I'ma take some fire for this sappiness, but can I just say that I LOVE "The Sound of Music"! They just don't make movies like this anymore. In early 2001, I told a friend that I was watching it to prepare for the onset of fascism under Bush II and he laughed uneasily...One PATRIOT Act, Abu Ghraib, illegal spying, suppression of civil liberties and foreign military adventure later I hate to say "I told ya so..." Tryin to stay positive in the face of all this madness, but my last question goes to all you fool neo-cons...how DARE you tell me the Cold War is over when the DMZ still stands on the Korean Peninsula?!?