Monday, January 30, 2006

Running around

like a dog chasin it's tail, appropriately for this new Year of the Dog. Finally getting back into the swing of things as it looks like I will have to settle for part-time tech consulting work in lieu of a regular "day job," allowing me more flexibility to develop artistically. One of the benefits of having a marketable skill-set is knowing there will always be plenty of work out there, the challenge is building a structure which allows an optimum life-work-play balance. Vocal cords still weak from holiday indulgences, stress and a nasty head cold, but am looking forward to catching the Grammys next week and seeing my man KanYE sweep the show...There's also the upcoming DIY Convention for the independent artist hosted here in Hollywood that also starts next week, should provide the needed kick in the ass and much-needed info to push DMZ//38 into higher ground in '06...Thought of the day - when the world gets you down, remember there's a star UP THERE with your name on it.

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