Sunday, March 19, 2006

3 Years Already

Enjoyed a sunny LA day yesterday with thousands of others committed to ending the occupation of Iraq. Especially had fun marching with the folks from Korean Americans for Peace, who had some exciting street action and good chants. Check out the pre-march training -

I wish there had been a bigger turnout though, given how unpopular the war has become I thought there would be more people representin'...lotsa peeps talk a good talk but I wanna see more faces next time, this will not go away on its own. Here's one more nice pic -

Other than that have been doing lotsa apartment hunting and may have found a new home, it's very musician-friendly and has a cool vibe. So much change swirling in the air of course it's the season.

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slskenyon said...

Great pics--I'm in England, and the media here is very anti-war, and very vocal about it, too. Big change from what it's like watching news in the US, let me tell you.