Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Ripple Effect

Just as I am preparing to step away from this full-time, sometimes neurotic and obsessive focus on my primary musical project DMZ//38, there are new rays of hope. Finally got a feature printed in today's Korea Times after several delays. The reality is that I'm slowly going broke and need to get back to some income-generating activity to stay in the music game over the long haul. Nothing dramatic just reality staring me in the face. Something tells me I'll miss this free-wheeling, kickback time but everyone has their limits.

Will have some cool promo cards later this week to advertise upcoming shows, here's a sample:

Oh, and the ripple effect...it's too easy to get intimidated by the morass of bands, music, "culture" and media madness we're inundated with daily. The bigger the pond, the more effect required to make even a small splash... The DMZ//38 ball is already motion, however - time to take a breather, make some domestic adjustments and allow those ripples to spread a bit.

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