Saturday, September 24, 2005

We Fall But We Keep Getting Up

I'm at risk of getting skid marks from all the sitting around lately. It's been a slight shock to realize that I have fallen into some old habits of being either on the phone, computer or reading - even though I "work" at home not in a corporate office. The more things change...And am still in recovery mode from 4+ hours in the chair at the tattoo studio Thursday night. The results are awesome though and I'll post pictures shortly.

Excited and encouraged by the large turnout at today's antiwar protest in Washington DC. I was certainly there in spirit, if I had a dime for every rally I'd attended in Chocolate City I'd be a wealthy man perhaps. This bodes well for the upcoming Occupy the Occupiers concert in LA on Saturday October 8. We should have at least one of the new songs ready by then.

On the homefront, have been digesting the realization that with all the problems in the world, and challenges faced/facing in this life, it's really OK to be a little complacent in this relationship which has developed in the last several months. With my attitude and compulsions, god(s) bless any woman willing to put up with me in close quarters. ;-)

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