Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Drawn Back Into the Whirlwind

This sudden wave of balmy SoCal weather has my senses thinking it's back to summer, but confused about the time change. Everywhere I look there's chaos, in the midst of change I am getting back into regular meditation for mental clarity and solid judgment.

Many of us, especially blogging instapundits, try to forecast trends and see the future for so many reasons. This recent article from the LA Times has me wondering anew about the prospects for political change in North Korea, especially what shape they will take and in what timeframe. It goes without saying that I've become much more self-conscious and thoughtful with my statements on this particula subject with the increasing visibility of my musical project...DMZ//38 is even being nominated for "Best Political Awareness" award by Rock City News, not bad for a band not even a full year old. Am also coming to the realization that broadening my involvement with entertainment, specifically into film or TV, may be another key to moving forward and developing a self-supporting artistic career.

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