Thursday, August 11, 2005

40 Years, Acres and a Mother Grieves

There's a somber mood everywhere today you can feel it, words unspoken. Marking 40 years since Watts, and so many unfulfilled promises, dreams deferred, cries unheard. Hear this -

The trench is dug beneath our hearts
Cause there's a riot goin on
The fire this time
Lost in memory
Strange fruit
For rotting vegetables
Strange days
Will the revolution be televised
And up on the watchtower
Machine gun Man
Welcome to the Terrordome
We're all
For the taste of
Once again
Burn baby burn
I wonder if
Heaven got a ghetto

On another note, was listening to the radio and cried when I heard about Cindy Sheehan camped out in Crawford, Texas waiting to speak to Mr. Bush. For shame. This woman deserves our support and empathy, and my prayers go out to everyone out there representing.

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