Monday, August 15, 2005

The Arrow Flies

Looks like a trip to the Big Apple in late fall is in the works. Promises to be a showcase gig, with "industry" types in attendance. Also working towards a local benefit around October, opening for a very powerful headlining act soon to be disclosed.

Caught a very moving documentary in Little Tokyo titled "Repatriation" marking Liberation Day hosted by Mindullae. I thought the film should have been edited, and noted the pro-DPRK tone of the film, nonetheless it brought to light an important issue relating to North Korean prisoners held for many decades in the South.

On a practical note, the end of summer is imminent with the cooler weather and plans for this author to return to income-generating activity.

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ippenhime said...

Aug.15th is very meaningful day for koreans. Mindullae also has a lot of meanings.
I am sure that you will return to income-generating activity successfully.