Thursday, August 25, 2005


The phrase "sinparam" in Korean translates very roughly into "refreshing wind" in English but does not capture the deeper meaning. Here's a better explanation from author Chung Kyungmo-

"There is a Korean word, sinparam, that expresses the pathos, the inner joy, of a person moved to action not by coercion but by his own volition. Param is the sound of the wind; if a person is wafted along on this wind, songs burst from his lips and his legs dance with joy. A sinparam is a strange wind that billows in the hearts of people who have freed themselves from oppression, regained their freedom, and live in a society of mutual trust. This word, redolent with a shamanistic mystique, has a talisman-like appeal for Koreans."

The fruition of so much hard work and perseverance in the past couple months, and especially these last few weeks, has left me feeling breathless, almost with vertigo, as well as vindicated. There is an encouraging response from the media, folks are starting to take notice, and new opportunities abound. In times like this, I find it so important to stay grounded, humble, organized and diligent so that things don't get too out of control.

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