Thursday, December 15, 2005


I am having fun with this software application called Masterwriter that helps songwriters compose and organize material. I've been holding off on setting up my demo for awhile, but already I'm quite impressed with ease of use and a wealth of features. Just recently I realized that I had loads of incomplete lyrics and themes scattered in various notebooks, easily enough for a full album or more...of course I have to finish recording this first one haha.

Enjoying some down time before a trip back home next week, and still researching before making a final decision on selecting a recording studio. Am also reading Angela Davis' excellent Are Prisons Obsolete? Seems like a timely pamphlet given the recent execution of Tookie Williams, which still rests heavily here in well as the last couple shows connected to the theme of political prisoners. The criss-crossing lines between this Iraq madness and the injust conditions revealed in the Katrina disaster are clear not only to activists but "average" working people as well...there is an old revolving door between the jails/prisons, gangs and armed forces replete with racism, brutality, hatred, exploitation and violence which must be addressed by the growing Antiwar Movement. Especially young men of color have so few positive role models mystery why the FBI wanted the Black Panthers smashed, and leaders from Malcolm to Martin, Huey to Pac have been assassinated. "They killed all my heroes, locked the rest up but I rose from the dead to tear this shit up!"

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