Monday, December 19, 2005

The World Is Not for Sale

Much love and solidarity to comrades in Hong Kong who are protesting against the greed of the WTO, especially the Korean activists struggling against unfair policies impacting farmers and the poor. Once again it's on...And congratulations are in order to newly-elected President Evo Morales or Bolivia, the first indigenous president in the Western Hemisphere. Seems like we here in the old U.S. of A may be behind the times, how long before a woman, African American, Asian American or Latino occupies the Oval Office?? Speaking of which, isn't it about time to INDICT THE PRESIDENT? If an individual has knowingly broken the law, especially one who should be the exemplar of civil propriety, then let than individual be prosecuted according to the letter of the law. NO ONE is above the law, right?? Everybody is reporting that Prez personally ordered ILLEGAL surveillance on US AMERICANZ...why y'all sitting obediently at the office, school, wherever? Let's rock this boat, turn this mutha out and seize the time!

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