Sunday, December 04, 2005

Indecision Time

One of the big drawbacks to maintaining artistic independence is the constant threat of being spread too thin and pulled in many directions at once...every so often I remind myself of the importance of a centripetal outlook, and at least attempting to keep activities organized, planned and reviewed methodically. So much easier said than done, practices I honed over 10+ years of business experience in stressful corporate IT environments doesn't necessarily translate consistently into successfully developing the career of an upstart political rock band. And having several interviews but nothing final yet in the way of a day job is keeping things in limbo going into next year. I have great hopes for the full-length debut album (tentatively titled "No Man's Land") and the material is nearly completed, but nagging questions relating to personnel and budget may delay the schedule further...

In other news, the clock is winding down for Tookie Williams and while there's still a chance that the Governator may grant clemency it's looking uncertain at best. Keep the pressure on, your fingers crossed and pray.

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