Monday, December 12, 2005

Winter In Amerika

As the clock ticks toward midnight we here in LA are bracing not only for yet one more death, but what could follow. It seems that this society and certainly Gov. Terminator have no faith in the power of redemption...With all the killing already going on in the world today this is hardly necessary. I don't believe that Tookie is "innocent" however I believe that he is potentially more valuable to civil society alive than six feet under. We need strong voices like his to help sway our youth away from "thug life." But then, without more gangstas running loose...where would the justification for more prisons, guards, cops (pro-Republican no doubt) come from?! So perhaps there is a twisted logic behind this mess after all.

My community was right in the cross-hairs last time but this is not 1992...if white Amerikans have still not come to terms with the racist underpinnings of this nation after Hurricane Katrina maybe it's time to give 'em back their white sheets and masks. I won't be the only one sayin "I told you so" and we as a community will NEVA AGAIN be a sacrificial lamb...Screw the mainstream media, neo-con whites and police...To the brothas feeling that Tookie's execution is the last straw, consider that the man himself has stated for the record that he wants to be remembered for his PEACE-MAKING WORK, not fomenting more violence. We need y'all to be working, FREE, representin, takin care of yr families, making music, not rotting in jail under watch of the downpressor man or lying dead. Let's just make it thru the next 24 hours y'all.

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