Saturday, December 17, 2005

Power, Corruption and Lies

So now it's coming out into the mainstream media that the NSA is engaging in wholesale domestic spying...actually this has been known by the activist community for years, lately we've also discovered that the Pentagon has been monitoring peaceful antiwar groups. When does this all end?? You would think that these agencies would have better things to do with taxpayer money like combating "real" terrorism. Then again the Feds have shown they can't even handle basic functions like disaster relief and prevention. All that money spent after 9-11...lining the pockets of the military-industrial-police state complex. At least there is a real fight going on right now over this horrible piece of legislation known as the "Patriot Act." I've endured a lot of repression in these past five years, more enough to justify expatriation to a saner culture like Canada or those fry-eating fools in France...but like homegirl Margaret Cho says "I have chosen to stay and fight."

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