Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Winter Wackiness E-Coast Style

Well it only took about one week away from SoCal to miss the palm trees and sunshine...Though it's not unseasonably cold, I am not enjoying the chilly temperatures here in War-shington DC. On top of that is the stress of avoiding the emotional minefields associated with family get-togethers and the inevitable bickering associated. This is probably my last trip back here (non-music related) for some time. WHY is it that sometimes the further an individual is situated from the inner workings of the music industry, the more they feel entitled to make sweeping judgments calls and critiques?? Suppose sharing a surname might explain alot, still I'm not in the mood for toleratin haterz right now, was looking forward to some R&R before charging into the New Year but looks like that will have to wait. Did I forget to mention that the muffler on my Mom's car fell off today while driving my sis to the airport? Add to that randomly running into a long-lost friend at the auto mechanic's garage.

The best way to settle down after a day like this is enjoying a bowl of home-cooked Korean kimchi chigae which is incidentally great for warding off a cold. A random web search just revealed that DMZ//38 was chosen as a Top 12 Indie Pick on Independent Songwriter Web-Magazine. You can vote for us here ...Keep on rockin in the real world

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